Roadmap to Referencing

for use with Harvard-UniSA Style referencing



: Journal article

Description: An article published in an academic journal


  • When multiple authors’ names are included within your sentence in your assignment (not in brackets) use the full spelling of ‘and’ in your referencing. When the authors names are in brackets or in the reference list, use ‘&’.
  • When there are four or more authors, use the abbreviation ‘et al.’ in your in-text referencing following the first author’s family name, but list all authors in your reference list.
  • If you are referencing a supplement, add ‘suppl.’ after the article title followed by the letter/number in question, for example:
    • Smith, B 2007, 'The effect of caffeine on sleep', suppl. B, Journal of Sleep, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. S3–S6.
  • When no volume or issue details are provided for the journal but the month of publication is (e.g. February, May), write the month in place of volume/issue details.

In-text citation

Format and layout:
Author’s family name (year, page number if applicable)
(Author’s family name year, page number if applicable)
One author
O’Hara (2009, p. 1548) supports...
...received some support (O’Hara 2009, p. 1548).
Two authors
Wolff and Perry (2010, p. 296) note...
...marked trends (Wolff & Perry 2010, p. 296).
Three authors
Marques, Azevedo and Pereira (2012, p. 293) argue… important (Marques, Azevedo & Pereira 2012, p. 293).
Four or more authors
Yuile et al. (2012, p. 53) suggest...
…has been suggested (Yuile et al. 2012, p. 53).

Reference List / Bibliography

Format and layout:
Author’s family name, Initial(s) year, ‘Title of article’, Title of Journal, vol. x, no. x, pp. xx–xx.
One author
O’Hara, MJ 2009, ‘Flood basalts, basalt floods or topless bushvelds? Lunar petrogenesis revisited’, Journal of Petrology, vol. 41, no. 11, pp. 1545–1651.
Two authors
Wolff, H & Perry, L 2010, ‘Trends in clean air legislation in Europe: particulate matter and low emission zones’, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 293–308.
Three authors
Randhawa, B, De Lacey, P & Saklofske, D 1986, 'Personality and behavioural measures: gender, age, and race contrasts in an Australian setting', International Journal of Psychology, vol. 21, no. 4/5, pp. 389–402.
Four or more authors
Yuile, C, Chang, A, Gudmundsson, A & Sawang, S 2012, 'The role of life friendly policies on employees' work-life balance', Journal of Management & Organization, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 53–63.