Roadmap to Referencing

for use with Harvard-UniSA Style referencing



: Translated classic


  • For the in-text reference, a date is not included, the title of the work is listed and line numbers are used instead of page numbers.
  • For the reference list entry, the translator is included and the publication date is placed at the end of the reference entry as the date of the original work is unknown.

In-text citation

Format and layout:
(Author's family name Title of book, lines xx–xx)
Plato expressed this... (Plato The republic, lines 56–60)

Reference List / Bibliography

Format and layout:
Author's family name, Title of book, trans. Translator's initial(s) Translator's family name, Publisher, Place of publication, Year of publication.
Plato, The republic, trans. A Bloom, Basic Books, New York, 1967.