Roadmap to Referencing

for use with Harvard-UniSA Style referencing

Sound and Visual


: Broadcast program

Description: A program broadcast on free to air or pay television


  • Types of programs include documentaries, news and current affairs, and lifestyle programs.
  • Cite a program’s director as its author. Include (dir.) following director’s initials. Where directors are not identified, cite the producer (prod.) or production company. Italicise program titles.
  • Always include the television station and broadcast date.
  • For TV transmissions, include channel and screening date in your reference list entry. If year of screening differs from the year of production, include year of screening in the screening date.

In-text citation

Format and layout:
(Director's family name OR Producer’s family name OR Authoring body year)
Director's family name OR Producer’s family name OR Authoring body (year)
An episode of Dateline (SBS 2012) examines...

Reference List / Bibliography

Format and layout:
Director's family name, Initial(s) (dir. OR prod.) OR Authoring body year of production, Title of program, television program, Station, date of broadcast.
SBS 2012, Dateline, television program, SBS, 6 November.